Meet Jim

Jim Lewis – Pen & Ink Artist

You will find Jim Lewis’ work in New York. You will find his work in San Antonio’s 1997 Jazz Festival Poster, in Austin on the walls of people you may know and you will find it on these walls here today.

Jim Lewis Graphic Designer

Jim casts the shadow of the Ancient Sumi Japanese Printographer, the multi-faceted hand of a mind who finds peace in the most delicate of lines. His scribe is the Rapidograph architectural pen. Yes, these works of wall-filling proportion were not done with quick brush strokes, but with an instrument whose mastery takes a lifetime of diligence and perfection.

From the first encounter with the famed Peter Max, a handshake that led him on his way from the streets of Brooklyn to the Art District of Manhattan, Jim met the challenges of the New American Poetic; the visual, the musical and the lyrical, all under the influence of Warhol, Lichtenstein and most importantly himself. Jim came out as one of the most accomplished artists whose hand you will ever shake.

Jim Lewis Graphic Designer

Jim’s works do more than fill your wall, they sing to you. Jim’s works were commissioned for the Grammy Nominated Jazz Musician Charlie Woods CD “In The Thick of the Woods.” Your eyes will begin humming the music of yellows and blues, paced with the hypnotic rhythm of a micro-fine pen. Jim allows hundreds of hours to a piece of work. A work whose deepest colors resonate with the grain of wood. You must personally experience for yourself the true mastery and mystery of his art.

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