Jim Lewis Ink

Meet Jim Lewis

Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Jim’s art career started in the 1970’s on the subway cars of New York City as a young teenage graffiti artist.  After a few years and a few arrests, Jim traded his spray cans and markers, for paint brushes and canvas.  He studied painting for several years and became a portrait artist.

Jim painted for a few years but was always searching for a new way to create his kind of art. His love of martial arts, combined with his passion for tattoos led him on a road of self-discovery.

By merging two art forms that date back centuries, Jim has created a very unique style of art. Japanese Engravings and tattoo art and design are the inspiration for Jim’s pen & ink pieces. By using a variety of needles in his pen, and liquid acrylic to engrave onto a cotton board, the patterns and textures came to life. This type of art can take anywhere from a few months up to a full year to complete just one piece, depending on the size. 

Jim Lewis Pen and Ink Artist

Jim’s pieces are visually stunning with high detailed, meticulous precision, and explosive colors. He loves the challenge of a custom piece and he’s constantly in communication with his clients during the process.  A project he is especially proud of is the commission he received from Grammy-nominated, Jazz musician, Charlie Wood, to design his album cover.

For the last 35 years Jim has been living in Texas and creating beautiful pen & ink art.  Contact him today for a custom piece.

Jim Lewis Pen and Ink Art


*A portion of the proceeds of Jim’s artwork is donated annually to MD Anderson Cancer Center.